Best practices of our school

  1. Value education talk on first Saturday of every month
  2. Assembly talk by the teachers once in a week
  3. Rallies/Jatha conducted on important days
  4. Meditation, Yoga classes for children and teachers.
  5. Teachers training programmes & workshops to enhance teachers quality.
  6. Regularly conducting Parent Teachers meeting
  7. Counseling programme for slow learning students
  8. Career guidance programmes for X std students and parents
  9. Conducted workshops for teachers of different schools with the support of CBSE in Mathematics
  10. Inter school competition for 1-10 and Inter school kidz talent fest
  11. Celebrating Teachers day, Childrens day, Kannada Rajyothsava and National Festivals in grand manner.
  12. Special coaching classes for VIII, IX & X std students during April &MAy.
  13. Preparatory and special coaching classes for IX & X std students during Dec, Jan & Feb.
  14. Red day, Green day, Market Day, Nature Ramble, Fancy dress competition and Convocation day for tiny tots.
  15. Excursions & picnics conducted from LKG to X std
  16. Special grammar coaching classes
  17. Eco friendly life skill activities
  18. Multidisciplinary task based on CBSE curriculum
  19. House wise co-curricular activities & Bulletin board competitions
  20. Sports day, Annual day, Science exhibition, Library day, Music Day, Yoga Day, Hindi Diwas, World Environment day, Awards day will be conducted.
  21. Individual Attention for students. Special classes for slow learners.
  22. Regular morning assembly with different programmes like school prayer, pledge, news reading, Assembly talk by students and teachers, Birthday celebrations, honoring the prize winners, Motivational talk by the school principal etc.,
  23. Investiture ceremony.
  24. Systematic selection of the school leaders and House captains and Vice captains will be held.
  25. Medical health check up once in a year, maintaining health record for the same.
  26. Visiting various institutions to develop Scientific temper among students. They were taken to science exhibitions & workshops conducted by various organizations like JSS PU college, Science Ashram to name a few.
  27. Celebrating Navaratri by decorating “Bombe Mane” traditionally by inculcating values and culture for the young ones.

Life skill activities:

  1. Paper bag attire
  2. Art with color papers
  3. Quilling art
  4. Stitching
  5. Embroidery designs
  6. Button art stitching
  7. Cloth painting
  8. Flower making
  9. Cooking without fire
  10. Best out of waste
  11. Glass painting
  12. Pot painting
  13. Awakened citizens programme
  14. Pillow making
  15. Carpet making using old cloth material
  16. Clay modeling
  17. Book mark making
  18. Interior decoration
  19. Pencil/pen stand
  20. Art with pencil carvings
  21. Vegetable and fruit carving
  22. Soap carving
  23. T-shirt painting
  24. Ganesha Idol making

About our school

Mahajana Education Society was established in the year 1937 with the sole objective of providing value based education to the young minds. Since then Mahajana Education Society has grown into a premier institution spreading its fame far and wide in the academic as well as in the cultural field. Mahajana Education Society encompasses with a chain of institutions starting from Kindergarten to Post-Graduation.

Mahajana Public School is an English medium school which was started in June 2004, affiliated to CBSE, New Delhi. The atmosphere of the school is very conducive for learning. Our concern is to impart quality and value-based education to the coming generation. We work for the children to become humane citizen of the world and responsible family members of the society. Towards the realization of this goal apart from excellent academic curriculum, the school gives novel platform for the children to enhance their talents in sports and games, dance, literature, personality development and capacity building.

Aims and Objectives:

  1. To be intellectually competent, open to growth and committed to justice.
  2. To develop the quality of mind and heart (competence and compassion).
  3. To cherish community values and learn to live harmoniously in the society.
  4. To be a leader in struggle for a better humane world and a community of love.
  5. To love and respect all religions and cultures.
  6. To grow in respect for all forms of life.
  7. To develop a spiritual vision of the world in the face of materialism concern for others in the face of egoism and simplicity in the face of consumerism.

The primary objective of Mahajana Public School is to help in the all round development of the young minds.